This project is ALWAYS looking for people to assist with different aspects of production! If you have interest in becoming a part of the team, see below!


If you are interested, please email or use the contact form below!

When applying for a position:

  • Voice actors: Please include a demo reel or examples of work you've previously voice acted in. Please only apply for a voice acting position if you are prepared to stick with the project long-term. We will put out public casting calls whenever we are looking for new members of the cast, but feel free to inquire if you would like to be notified when we're seeking talent and we will add you to our mailing list.
  • Rough Animators: Rough animation may be done in any program, the series is made using 24 fps. Please include examples of your animation work along with various examples of your artwork. Be confident that you will be able to adapt to the art style of the series. Style guides and turnarounds will be provided. You will more than likely be contacted for additional information. Using Toon Boom is recommended for ease of importing frames, but any animation program is acceptable.
  • Cleanup Animators: Cleanup for shots takes place primarily in Toon BoomPlease include examples of your work as a cleanup artist as well as any additional animation work you've done.
  • Storyboard Artists: No base requirements. Looking for people who can adapt to the vibe of the series and showcase a dynamic range of expressions and character acting. Include examples of your artwork as well as board work.
  • Layout Artists: Have a basic understanding of environment design and experience working in art programs with layer/folder functions. Work can be done in any program that can export to .PSD. Please include examples of your art that best showcases your scene design work.
  • Background artists: Have experience working in art programs with layer/folder functions. Exact program doesn't matter, as long as you're able to export a .PSD file. Looking for people who can adapt to flat lineless styles, as that is what the background style of the series is. Please include examples of background art you have worked on, as well as any additional artwork you'd like to showcase.
  • Staff Writers: (Discord required) Be able to work with others to formulate plot outlines and basic concepts. Most importantly, have an interest in the characters and overall plot of TMS.
  • Other / Etc: Contact with what you're interested in doing and you will hear back from us.


The show bible will be provided for all applicants that get accepted.




  • Unless explicitly specified (such as certain voice roles,) you must be over 18 years of age to apply for any position. If it's found out that you've lied about your age, you will be removed from the production. We take this very seriously.
  • This is currently volunteer work. Keep in mind that the current status of any position you are applying for is unpaid for the time being, and if accepted to be apart of the team, any work is expected to be completed on your own time, solely because you wanted to do it. Deadlines are given, but are very flexible due to the nature of the production. Please be aware of this before applying to volunteer your time, and only do so if you really want to.
  • Payment status for positions will change after episode 2 releases, but as of now, there is little to no income being made from it. Any money that has already been made from the project has went into hosting the website, producing merch, and various other production costs. We have plans to expand to a fully paid production in the near future, please inquire about this if you're curious. We are open to discussing our future plans!
  • Please maintain good communication. If you feel something is too much for you, you're burnt out, or you won't be able to meet a deadline, please contact Saveraedae as soon as possible so the problem can be assessed. Nobody deserves to feel overworked or stressed and additional time for you will be factored in as needed, but if you know you will be unable to accomplish something please let them know and be clear that you can't do it as to not prolong production time. Problems always have solutions, and they're always easier to be dealt with sooner rather than later.
  • Keep in mind that this project is long term and currently still in production; It is a full on series, not a one and done thing. As it currently has a very small team, production times will be LONG.
  • Again: THIS IS LONG TERM! Please be aware of this!! A good majority of the current crew / cast have been a part of the project since 2015-2016!
  • (This is mainly for actors) Additional content alongside the main series will be produced. (Comic dubs, one off animations, etc.) Please be prepared for this!
  • Please note that while this is not an NDA, you are not to leak any unreleased or in-progress content unless you've received permission. (And feel free to ask what you can and cannot show!) Doing so may jeopardize your position depending on the circumstance.
  • Animators: The amount of work you'll be given will be completely determined by however much you want to do, and deadlines will be given based on what works best for you. You may step down from your position without any questions at any time if you no longer want / are able to provide service any longer.
  • Staff writers: Work will be done in the form of calls. We will work with each other to formulate basic plotlines for episodes before the scripts get written. Currently, there are 6 staff writers and 1 lead writer.
  • Having a Discord account is not required, but preferred. It is much easier to communicate through Discord so everyone will be up to date with progress. If you don't have one, email is the next best option.


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