Asher Joseph Powyrs, or Ash as most call him, is a very easygoing and kind boy, and always thinks of others before himself. He just wants what's best for those he cares about. Ash has a strong sense of empathy and tries his best to understand others, even those who don't seem to like him ...Even Mark, who absolutely despises him. He's new to Ohwell, and met Mark after the summer when they came back to school. Mark had seen that his friends had met someone new, and he felt that he was being replaced. Mark is also not thrilled at the fact that Ash and Benjamin are dating. In fact, this just makes Mark hate Ash more. Ash genuinely wants to get along with Mark and believes there is a deeper meaning to his odd behavior. Despite Mark's constant negativity towards him, Ash always tries to be polite and understanding towards him, hoping that one day Mark will see that he is not a threat. Since meeting Benjamin over the summer, their new romantic relationship has brought him lots of happiness. However, he's beginning to see a different side of Benjamin now that Mark is back in the picture. He notices that Benjamin seems more aggressive than when he first met him, and it's starting to worry him. Though he tries to talk about it with him, Ben doesn't seem to listen. Ash firmly believes in open and honest communication, and he just wants his partner to talk through everything that is bothering him. Regardless of this, Ash remains the same kind and empathetic person he's always been, even when it means putting himself in uncomfortable situations with people who don't like him.

  1. He only knew Ben for less than 2 months before they started dating. (Ben confessed)

  2. Even if it doesn't seem like it, he does have a breaking point.

  3.  He always wears his scarf, no matter what. Nobody knows why.

  4. He likes reading, and his favorite genre is romance.

  5. His favorite fruit is strawberries.

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