One of the main characters and Mark's ex-friends is Benjamin Joshua Washington, usually referred to as just Ben or Benjy by Mark (even though Ben hates it). The two used to be the best of friends when they were kids, but now Ben very openly talks about his dislike for Mark. He shares quite a lot of Mark's rude characteristics, but to a much different degree. He's sassy, rude, and not afraid to tell you if he doesn't like something. Despite his tough exterior, Ben is actually quite self-conscious about his appearance. He is incredibly attentive to his hair, but unfortunately, his dad makes him feel uncomfortable and fuels his attitude by making homophobic remarks about him. Ben feels like he can't express himself freely, so he often lashes out at others to mask his insecurities. Benjamin often wears an annoyed expression because he's usually tired of Mark's behavior. He likes to give Mark harsh insults and gets into arguments with him quite often. Despite all of this, Mark has a crush on him and is very vocal about it. Benjamin will often be seen yelling at Mark, pushing him, and sometimes even hitting him if he gets on his nerves enough. He always seems to find a way to blame Mark for a bad situation, even if it's not his fault. This usually causes the others to not take him very seriously. The only reason why he lets Mark hang out with him is because deep down, he still manages to have at least an ounce of pity for him, almost like some long-gone feelings are still there in a way. Much to Mark's disgust, Benjamin is in a relationship with Ash. Ben is also the twin brother of Jonathon, who he often tends to speak over. Despite this, he does genuinely care about Jon, even if he's not the best at showing it.

  1. He doesn't ever get called "Ben" by Mark, only ever "Benjamin" or more popularly, "Benjy."

  2. He shares another major trait with Mark, which is hating his dad.

  3.  He snores, which is unfortunate for Jon, who shares a room with him.

  4. His favorite ice cream flavor is mint.

  5.  Though he doesn't tell anyone this, he's a furry. Yes, you heard that right.

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