Samuel (Boss) is Mark's unloving and abusive 'father.' He absolutely hates Mark, verbally abusing him every day and physically abusing him often. However, he scares Mark into not telling anyone, but only Leon knows the full extent of Samuel's abuse toward Mark. Sometimes he gives Mark a black eye and makes him wear a bandanna to cover it. Somehow, nobody seems to care or even notice just how bad its gotten over the years. Samuel has gotten away with abusing Mark for years and doesn't show any signs of wanting to stop. He also mentally abuses him by both making fun of him, belittling him, and nitpicking every single thing he does. A stark contrast however, is that he treats Leon the exact opposite, and genuinely seems to love him. This is heartbreaking for Mark, and it's a big contributing factor as to why he had once hated Leon. Samuel has an extremely short temper and almost always takes it out on Mark, and he doesn't feel bad for doing it because he feels he's justified. He is the owner of a well known resturaunt in town, The Ohwell Eatery. As such, many people in town know who he and his family are. His relationship with his wife, Darcy, used to be better than it is now due to how harsh he acts towards Mark, but the two do genuinely love eachother. (Even if they don't agree on how to parent Mark.) Samuel is actually not Mark's true father, he is his step-father. However, Mark has been lied to his whole life about it, and believes he's his actual father...

  1. He's good at cooking.
  2. His favorite color is red.

  3. Sometimes, just for fun, he'll set Mark off or scare him on purpose just to get him to react.

  4. No one knows why his nametag says "Boss" and not "Samuel."

  5. He keeps track of Mark's browsing history.

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