Darcy is Mark and Leon's mother. She loves Mark and absolutely adores him; In turn, Mark feels the same. While Darcy loves Mark deeply, there are times when she struggles with guilt over something he doesn't know about... that Samuel isn't his real father, and she believes the truth behind his biological father is a bit... too much for him to handle. This knowledge weighs heavily on her, and most of the time leads her to let Mark do whatever he wants. In addition to the guilt she feels over the way Mark was brought into the world, her behavior towards him is also heavily influenced by her desire to make up for the way Samuel treats him, as she knows that Samuel can be abusive towards him. She knows about some of it, though not the entire extent. Unfortunately, Darcy's approach is ultimately backfiring, as it seems to make it difficult for Mark to handle disappointment and rejection and seems to be fueling his entitlement. In addition, this also usually causes Mark to use her as a quick way to get what he wants. Though deep down, Mark really truly does care about her and sees her as one of the best things in his life. Darcy still holds onto her relationship with Samuel despite knowing how much he hates her son, as the two have been with eachother for 19 years (and married for 13). Samuel had helped her though the absolute darkest times in her life and she still holds onto hope that his behavior towards Mark will soften up... even if doing so is a detriment to everyone. Regardless of her faults, Darcy is an incredibly caring mother, always being patient and kind, and trying to do what she can for her family. However, her naivete and reluctance to say "no" are her biggest faults.

  1. She's been with Samuel since she was 16.

  2. She has a twin sister, who lives back in her hometown.

  3. She loves blueberry pie.

  4. Her favorite season is spring.

  5. She makes Mark and Leon lunch to bring to school each day, and usually includes a sweet note for them.

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