Below is a list of questions that you may have about the TMS or its production:


"Why does every episode take so long to come out?"


Currently, there is one artist working on the series. Saveraedae currently writes, directs, produces, storyboards, animates, and manages the production for everything (as well as manages the reach/marketing of the series. I'm the one writing this, hi mom!) As the series gains more interest, there is hope that more people will be interested in being brought on and in turn speeding up the production time significantly. If you're interested in being brought onto this project, please see here.

"Why has basically the whole story for the show been spoiled? Doesn't that ruin the suspense?"


The Mark Side (2020) is a cartoon adaptation of a story that Saveraedae has been developing publicly since 2015. Originally starting off as an AU of Five Nights at Freddy's before becoming its own original story in 2016, The Mark Side has been through a lot of changes in its lifespan. While the main plot details of the story that will be portrayed in the show are readily out there in the open, they will be more accurately elaborated on in the show itself. If one doesn't wish to spoil themselves, that's totally fine! Equate it to a manga vs anime scenario; Some prefer to watch as they go, while others may want to know what happens right away without having to wait.

What do you mean "mature audiences?" Is TMS for a PG-13 audience or is it 18+?


It's hard to apply a proper rating for The Mark Side since its an indie web production. While it will  not show any explicit content on screen, there are quite the plethora of mature scenarios and concepts presented in the series. Mental illness, self harm, child abuse, suicide, murder, and rape, just to name a few, are some of the topics TMS will touch upon. Though you'll have to wait and see to how they will officially be portrayed to judge your own personal opinion on that matter (though we intend to portray this stuff as best as possible,) as long as you are able to understand and view fictional media with this subject matter, you are in the target demographic. The only thing "explicit" about TMS is the incredibly frequent swearing and super casual use of the word "fuck." (The main characters ARE angsty teenagers after all.)

TLDR: Not for young kids, but not only for adults.

"Who is the antagonist?"

The series is meant to show different perspectives of the same story and whilst the characters may seem to be oblivious to some of it, the audience is meant to pick up on the reasons as to why something is the way it is and connect the dots. While TMS does not technically have a central antagonist, the reasoning behind this is to show that even if you think you're the the hero of your own story, in someone else's eyes you can very well be percieved as the villain, since there are always different sperspectives to a scenario. People are people and everyone's living their own lives. With TMS, it's intending to break away a bit from the traditional way of developing a story. Nothing here happens for no reason. If this way of story telling isn't your thing though, that's fine!

"Is Ohwell, Texas a real place?"


No, no it is not. Though it is heavily based off of a real area in Texas, which is the central region. (Bell County to be specific.) Ohwell, if it was real, would be placed somewhere between Belton and Salado

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