Despite knowing Mark for years now, Kenneth Devlin Peterson, or Kenny as he's mostly known as, is the one in the group that probably has the least connection to Mark. The two haven't known each other for as long as Mark has known Ben and Jon. With that aside, Kenny is a simple, yet wise boy who also happens to have a sense of humor. He does his best to stay positive throughout every hardship he may have, and also tries to share this mentality with others, especially his boyfriend Jonathon. Though, if you make him angry, you probably wouldn't like him very much, as he tends to be very passionate about what he believes in. While Benjamin does his best to try and sway his opinion against Mark, Kenny has a bit of an open mind. While he's taken offense to Mark's actions on more than one occasion, (such as when Mark didn't appear to feel bad when he nearly accidentally killed Leon,) Kenny mostly stays out of that drama, despite feeling annoyed with Benjamin at times... especially when he tries to turn the group against Mark. Kenny just wants things to go back to the way they used to be before all the drama, where the four of them could just hang out and have fun together without any conflict or tension. On the home side of things, Kenny is slowly but surely adjusting to living life with his step-father, step-sister, and mother, who remarried after his father died. It had taken a bit for him to adjust to everything that was going on, but currently, he has learned to accept everything and enjoy life more. However, deep down, Kenny still misses his real father and the way things used to be before his mother remarried. It was a difficult adjustment for him to accept his step-father and step-sister, and he struggled for a while with the changes. Thankfully, Jonathon was there to help him overcome his struggles and move forward.

  1. He loves chocolate!

  2.  He's the shortest in the group, standing at 162.56 cm (5 ft 4 in.) Mark likes to tease him for this.

  3.  While he's not self concious about being shorter than the his friends, he does see it as an annoyance.

  4.  Kenny was nine when his dad died.

  5.  His mom can tend to be a bit overprotective over him at times, much to his annoyance, but she means well.

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