Markus Samuel Reed, normally just referred to as Mark, is the main character in The Mark Side... But he probably shouldn't be. He's everything you would expect a protagonist to not be. He's childish, whiny, selfish, greedy, vulgar, rude, manipulative, and his only purpose in the world seems simply to be to ensue chaos upon it. He is considered by others to be very weird often, as he has a habit of misunderstanding people's feelings and not thinking about the consequences of his actions. He's just the guy people hang out with because they don't want to tell him "no." Mark absolutely longs for attention 24/7. He has at least one excuse for this: his 'father' Samuel (AKA Boss) hates him, even though he is not Mark's biological father (though Mark is not aware of this fact). He often gets physically abused along with constantly being mentally abused. Though Mark would give anything for his affection, the hate is mutual. Mark's relationship with his mother, Darcy, is one of the very few positive things in his life, as he loves her deeply and finds comfort in her presence. However, his jealousy towards his longtime friend Benjamin's relationship with Ash makes it hard for him to focus on any positives. Mark has a very unhealthy crush on Ben, who considers him his ex-friend, making it clear that he does not reciprocate Mark's feelings. Mark is extremely jealous of Benjamin's attention towards Ash and he hates seeing them together more than anything. If things went his way, Ash would be completely out of the picture and things would go back to how they used to be. So in conclusion, everyone that Mark wants to love him absolutely hates his guts and he doesn't have a chance... He's really going to have to change his behavior or something incredibly bad might happen one day...

  1. He does not like being called Markus. He much prefers Mark.

  2. He loves mustard. Not just on hotdogs, no. He drinks it,
  3. His favorite holiday is Halloween.

  4. He absolutely hates spicy food.

  5. Though undiagnosed, he has Histrionic Personality Disorder and ADHD. Quite possibly a plethora of other stuff too, but who knows?

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