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Learn all about the extensive story, characters, and history of The Mark Side here. At some point, it is planned to have most of the information from the wiki hosted on this site, but for now, Fandom is your best bet if you want to learn more about the lore!

Tumblr ask blog interactive content! Interact with the characters and see what their response will be. Going forward, there are plans to dub the content from this blog and release it on YouTube. The specific events and actions depicted on this blog are noncanon to the main series, and should be taken loosely.

A loosely canon spinoff / continuation of The Mark Side after the events of The Bad Ending. Currently it is not being focused on as heavily as the main series is, but content for it will be released sporadically. Contains demons and lots of angst! Not a part of the main series, as it is less grounded in reality,

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