The Mark Side follows the life story of Mark Reed, a childish, stupid, pain in the ass teenager who doesn't like when he doesn't get his way. He's loses people he's close to often, and on top of that, has to deal with a 'father' who absolutely despises him. Though he has done many dickish things, such as nearly killing his little brother, he has always managed to manipulate people to get his way... Until he can't do that anymore. As the series progresses, his life seems to get worse and worse!


The Mark Side was created by the Youtube animator and Tumblr artist Saveraedae. Many of the characters in TMS were originally created in September of 2015. In 2016, it was announced that The Mark Side would be its own series! Originally, the main idea of the series was to follow the misfortunate and unlucky life of Mark. However, as time went on, this concept got quite a bit darker.

In 2016, Saveraedae released a video titled "The Mark Side" Episode 1 - "Friends In-Deed!" This video served as episode one to 'generation one' of The Mark Side. While more episodes were planned and a few entered production, the series was soon cancelled due to lack of interest from the creator. TMS was in a strange limbo stage until late 2019; During that period of time, the story was developed and elaborated on, scripts were written for a new era, and the series became a little less friendly. Currently, a new series, which would be considered 'generation 2' of TMS, premiered its first episode June 27, 2020 and is currently ongoing.


TMS is an animatic series, which means that it does not have completed animation. It's fully voice acted and lacks background music. The series presents itself as serious at first, then as time goes on, it shows its true colors and goes full on idiotic, while still retaining a grounded and story driven narrative. It is not a professional production. Everyone that is working on it is doing it because they want to, and there is no financial gain from it. Any money that is made goes into helping the series. Simply put, The Mark Side is just a passion project created by Saveraedae, and she is not interested in pitching it to a network any time soon, if at all for that matter. She just wants to tell a story that people will enjoy, and a story that she herself finds interesting so she can share it with others.