Leonardo Lance Reed, (Leon), is Mark's little brother. He's pretty advanced for his age, which is only six years old. Hell, he's smarter than Mark! Despite how much Mark had previously tried to make his life hell, Leon loves his brother and would do anything for him. Even though he's very friendly, he can get a bit skeptical and judgemental at times and will typically defend a topic that he feels passionately about. Alas, he's only six, so people don't take him very seriously. Leon has a close relationship with his father, Samuel, which is something he notices is not the case for Mark. Leon often feels bad for Mark and tries to cater to him when he can. However, Mark's whiny and childish attitude can make doing this hard. Despite everything, Leon still loves his brother and wants to see him happy. Despite his young age, Leon is very perceptive and empathetic. He tries his best to understand Mark, even when he acts out. He has the belief that Mark is genuinely starting to see his flaws and mistakes and treat others with more kindness and respect. Leon's relationship with his mother, Darcy, is close, but more often than not, he doesn't like how she tries to baby him like she babies Mark. While Leon appreciates her love and affection, he at the same time wants to be treated like an older kid. Despite this, Leon is grateful for the positive relationship they share and loves to spend time with her. Leon can tell that his family is not even close to perfect, but he tries his best to make it work and shows his love for them the best he can.

  1. He gets straight A's, and is the best in his whole class and even grade. This causes a lot of kids his age to disregard him as a know-it-all.

  2. He has a pet cat who he named Cat. ...We don't know what he was thinking either.

  3. His best friend is Sammy, who is the son of two employees at his dad's resturuant.

  4. He absolutely loves waffles!

  5. All the close friends he has are two years older than him.

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