Mark Reed

The main character of the series! But he probably shouldn't be. He's everything a protagonist shouldn't be. He's whiny, greedy, vulgar, rude, and his only purpose in the world seems simply to be to ensue chaos upon it. He is a very weird boy, often misunderstanding people's feelings and not thinking about the consequences of his actions. He may or may not have also almost killed his little brother, Leon. Oops. He's just the guy people hang out with because they don't want to tell him no. He absolutely longs for attention 24/7, but he has at least one excuse for that. His 'father' Samuel Reed absolutely hates him. He often gets physically abused along with constantly being mentally abused. Though Mark would give anything for his father to love him, or at least give him a hug, the hate is mutual. Mark also has a not-so-secret crush on Benjamin Washington, and much to his dismay, Ben definitely does not reciprocate any feelings towards him. So in conclusion, everyone that Mark wants to love him absolutely hates his guts and he doesn't have a chance.

Markus Samuel Reed




Tenth Grader



Voiced by Collin Weiler