Benjamin Washington

One of the main characters and one of Mark's frien- ahem sorry- ex-friends. Benjamin is the one in the group who most openly talks about his disdain for Mark. He shares Mark's rude characteristic, though to a much different degree. He is sassy and if he doesn't like something, he definitely will tell you. Benjamin often is seen wearing an annoyed expression because he's usually tired of Mark's shit. He likes to give Mark harsh insults and gets into arguments with him quite often. Despite all of this, Mark has a crush on him and is very vocal about it. Benjamin will often be seen pushing Mark, yelling, and sometimes he will hit him. He only let him hang out with the group again because he still managed to have at least a bit of pity for him, but he still hates him. Much to Mark's distaste, Benjamin is in a relationship with Ash.

Benjamin Joshua Washington




Tenth Grader



Voiced by Druskie